Encore Stables


​​$1,250/month for full care board in the main barn, includes stall mucking, turn-out, blanketing as needed, laundry, top quality hay and grain, and supplements supplied by the owner

$1,800/month for full service board in the main barn, includes everything from regular board plus horses are groomed 6 days per week and are tacked and ready for you when you arrive and are taken care of when you finish riding

$975/month for full care board in the shedrow barn

*All boarders will share general supplies and be billed monthly.  This includes but not limited to:
 Hoof dressing, soap, fly spray, show sheen, laundry detergent, etc.

Ship-in Fees
Ring Fee:  $30/ride/horse

Boarders: Private $60
Non-Boarders: Private $60 plus ship-in fee of $15 (Travel rate is $15 per 15 minutes)

Professional Time
Boarders:  $30/hour
Non-Boarders:  $40/hour

15% commission on buying, selling, and brokering
All expenses (airfare, gas, hotels, food, etc.) to be covered as well as full day rates if necessary at $200 per day
Earnest money payment of $500 required upfront for buying which will be deducted from the final commission when sale is complete

Horse Show Fees
Coaching: $85/day/horse
Schooling (in addition to coaching): $40/day/horse
Showing: $20/class
Lesson at Show: Boarders $60, Non-Boarders $70
Optional Full Day Fee (includes grooming, bathing, wrapping, feeding, and mucking):  Boarders $65, Non-Boarders $75
Optional Partial Day Fee (includes daily feeding, and mucking):  Boarders $35, Non-Boarders $45
Staff costs for travel, tack/feed stalls, grooming stalls, feed, and bedding will be divided and charged per horse

Professional Ride
Boarders: $40
Non-Boarders: $50

$1.75/mile ($185 minimum)

*The list above is general and not fully comprehensive*